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Handling the Baby Boomers

With Wireless Nurse Call, Healthcare Can Handle the Baby Boomers

If you were born between the years of 1946 and 1964 then you are well aware of the common term “baby boomer”. The youngest of the baby boomers are nearing the age of 52 which can only mean two things. First, it means that there will be an enormous number of people retired versus those working, and second, more people than ever will be visiting hospitals and clinics, and living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the years to come. At this point, it is important to consider whether the healthcare industry is ready to take on this influx of patients. Are hospitals equipped with the tools needed to keep staff working efficiently and patient needs continuously met? Consider choosing a wireless nurse call system that will rank your medical facility’s numbers higher than ever.

Wireless Nurse Call Offers Protection for Wandering Patients

With a wireless nurse call system, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia can be safely monitored with the technology of patient tags such as neck, wrist or fall pendants. Even further, our wireless nurse call system can be paired with patient wandering technology that is specifically designed for these patients. It is especially crucial for patients with wandering tendencies to be monitored closely. Fortunately, a wireless nurse call system allows those patients to be closely supervised without requiring staff to hover over them all day long. With patient wandering technology, wandering patients have the freedom to roam there designated areas. Patient wandering pendants can transmit patient information including name, room number, designated area, and more to allow staff to effortlessly track their location for safety purposes.

wireless nurse call patient wandering

Wireless Nurse Call Connects Staff with Patients

With wireless nurse call, staff is literally only the click of a button or pull of a cord away. For instances with slippery showers, or patients with falling tendencies, wireless nurse call keeps them safely connected to staff throughout the day. Imagine falling in the shower with no one to call for help and staff isn’t scheduled to check in for hours? With a waterproof shower station, a simple pull of the cord alerts staff to a patient’s need. Calls are even prioritized by importance, so keeping high-risk patients in direct contact with the nurses’ station is achievable. Wireless nurse call offers all of these features and so many more.

wireless nurse call patient stations

Baby Boomers Beware

The next time you are visiting your local hospital for a checkup, be sure to ask about their emergency communication system. If wireless nurse call has not yet been integrated into their facility, maybe it’s time to find a location that has invested in this life-saving technology. Numerous benefits are available to both staff and patients when it comes to wireless nurse call. If you’re in the baby boomer era, isn’t it important to have the best healthcare available, regardless of how many others are being treated in the same facility? Consider a medical facility with wireless nurse call to ensure the best care possible no matter how many patients are next door.

wireless nurse call system

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