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Creating a Quieter Environment

Creating a Quieter Environment in Healthcare with Wireless Nurse Call

Sleep, one of the top needs that many hospitalized patients so desire, is often stolen by constant noises echoing throughout the hallways. How can medical facilities improve on the noise issue and what tools are needed to provide streamlined communication without the need for overhead paging? Consider the following features of wireless nurse call that make it the best option for healthcare facilities. Sleep aids healing, and patients both need and desire sleep. Why not fulfill multiple needs and consider wireless nurse call for a quiet, efficient method of streamlined communication?

Wireless Nurse Call Features Aid in Creating a Quiet Atmosphere

Replaces Overhead Paging Systems

Healthcare facilities of all types need to provide staff with a means of constant communication in order to provide a stable, safe environment for patients and residents. Overhead paging is typically used for this method, but the constant paging tones and voices heard over the speakers keep patients from resting properly. A wireless nurse call system replaces an overhead paging system and provides constant communication between staff AND patients. It is also significantly quieter and doesn’t interfere with patient sleep or daily activities.

wireless nurse call

Eliminates Need for Staff to Shout

With modern technology of smartphones, tablets, corridor/zone lights, emergency call stations, and a centralized nurse station, wireless nurse call can integrate with all of these components and much more! Voices are heard much less in today’s society due to text messaging and social media, so why can’t this same principle be applied in the healthcare industry? The truth is, it can be! The voice is a powerful tool and should never be completely replaced, but knowing when to raise voices and when to turn to emergency call buttons or text alerts to eliminate extra noise is important. Wireless nurse call provides a plethora of devices that can aid in transmission of prioritized messages, creating a quieter, more comfortable environment for patients.

wireless nurse call paging system

Streamlines Daily Communication without the Excess Noise

Ultimately, wireless nurse call brings care to patients when they need it. It lightens the load that staff carry on a day to day basis by providing peace of mind to patients knowing that they are only the push of a button or pull of a cord away from help. All of the devices integrated with wireless nurse call can be silenced and used only when necessary. Keeping a quiet environment for healing, sleeping patients is no longer an issue with wireless nurse call!

wireless nurse call

Contact BEC Integrated Solutions today with questions regarding wireless nurse call and how it can give your facility the peace and quiet that is needed! Customized project quotes, local installation, and free tech and programming support are all included! So don’t wait. Choose wireless nurse call today.

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