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When to Upgrade Your Facility’s Communication Gadgets: Go Wireless

Communication gadgets in the healthcare industry are used day after day to maintain a well-connected, efficient, safe environment for patients and residents. When is it time to upgrade those gadgets and choose wireless devices that are even more reliable and offer additional features and functions? Knowing when to upgrade your medical facility’s communication gadgets is the first step to take when deciding to choose wireless nurse call for all of your emergency communication needs. Consider the following signs showing that it is time to upgrade those gadgets and integrate wireless nurse call into your facility's daily routine.

Components are Breaking and No One Offers Replacements Anymore

There is nothing more frustrating than turning to past suppliers and finding that they no longer sell replacement parts for your hospital or medical facility’s emergency communication system. This will be one of the first important signs to notice when considering an upgrade in the communication gadget department. Don’t wait until more and more devices break, leaving staff with limited communication methods for long periods of time. At this point it is time to consider upgrading to a wireless nurse call system. Wireless nurse call integrates with numerous wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, pagers, two-way radios and much more. Many of these wireless devices will never go out of production and will therefore always be available for replacements in the future!

wireless nurse call smartphones

Patients and New Staff are confused by Current Devices

A sure sign that it is time to upgrade is when both patients and new staff are unable to easily use the current communication devices. Whether they are old, out of style or have a confusing layout, it is important that all users can easily request help when needed. Patient bed stations and shower stations offer a simple button or pull cord functionality that wirelessly transmits call messages to the nurse station. Wireless nurse call is complex enough to power the communication of entire hospital campuses yet simple enough for the everyday patient to use them during an emergency situation. Keep your medical facility’s communication up-to-date with current wireless devices and choose wireless nurse call.

wireless nurse call patient communication

Current Communication Systems are interfering with One Another

Only more recently have healthcare facilities had the convenience of choosing a system that integrates all emergency communication needs into one central system with wireless nurse call. In the past, patient communication, staff communication, overhead speakers, reminders/timers, smoke detectors and much more have functioned separately from one another. With wireless nurse call, all of these functions and more can be rolled into one central system to allow staff to efficiently track and improve all operations within their facility. Smoke, water, and motion detectors, patient wandering devices, staff communication devices, patient emergency stations, dome lights and much more can be unified into one centralized communication system with wireless nurse call. No more separate systems that interfere with one another and slow down hospital efficiency!

wireless nurse call

There are many more benefits that accompany our wireless nurse call system. We are happy to answer all questions and help you make the best decision for upgrading your medical facility’s emergency communication system. Don’t let these signs creep up on you. Upgrade now to wireless nurse call and improve your efficiency statistics today!

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