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3 Ways A Wireless Nursecall System is Better than Magic  

Thinking of upgrading to a wireless nursecall system but not sure if it’s the right choice for your medical facility? Consider these three ways that a nurse call system is better than magic.

1) Wireless Nursecall System: Just Press the “Magic” Button

Considering magic is fantasy and wireless nursecall is the real deal, there is nothing barring the fact that wireless nursecall is even better than fantasy. In this case, a wireless call bell is even better than magic because all it takes is the touch of a button, pull of a cord, or even shifting of bodyweight to call for aid!

With a wireless nursecall system, if a patient needs help, he or she doesn’t have to remember any code word or special telephone number. He or she can signal for help by just pushing the wireless nurse call button by the bed will to alert staff and get the help needed.

wireless nurse call push button pull cord

2) Wireless Nurse Call is like a Real Life Crystal Ball

How do witches, wizards, magicians, and others with magically inclined temperaments find someone when they need to? A crystal ball, of course!

A wireless nursecall system is a bit like having a crystal ball. In an emergency, you can locate and contact staff via wireless devices linked into the system. If a patient wanders out of his/her designated area and gets lost, finding him or her is easy with optional patient elopement technology.

In fact, not only is a wireless nursecall system like having a crystal ball, it’s even better! Imagine carrying one around as you do your rounds. Crystal balls are large and heavy, not ideal for a busy nurse! Wireless devices and pendant transmitters are slim and lightweight, making keeping track of patients and staff much more practical.

wireless nursecall patient wandering

3) A Wireless Nursecall System: Your Own Personal Fairy Godmother

How does a fairy godmother relate to a wireless nursecall system? Well, it doesn’t, but wireless nurse call certainly is better in this day and age. Our systems are flexible. Need a whole system? You’ve got it! Need to upgrade your current system? We can help you with that as well. We can tailor our services to your specific needs just as Cinderella’s godmother tailored vegetables to her specific needs and made a coach out of pumpkin.

Of course, a fairy godmother is there only when you have a big emergency, such as getting to the ball on time. Wireless nurse call is there through thick and thin, whether it’s keeping up with daily rounds or saving a life.

wireless nurse call system

A wireless nursecall system—It’s better than magic!

Choose BEC Integrated Solutions for all of your wireless nursecall system needs. We provide full systems designed for small clinics to large, multibuilding campuses. Our wireless nursecall systems come fully preprogrammed and we ensure professional installation in most areas. We also offer free tech support for the life of the system. Call us today for you full system, discounted quote!

wireless nurse call

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