GPS Locator- Wireless Nurse Call

GPS Locators: It’s Not an Angel, It’s Technology

Helen begins to lose her breath as she walks along the hall. She was certain her room was just around this corner. Clutching the railing on the wall, she begins to feel her chest tighten. She desperately cries for help but cannot muster a loud enough sound to attract attention. Emergency buttons are out of reach and it seems that all hope is lost. As Helen lies on the floor, she prays for help. Just then, she hears the fast approaching footsteps of a nurse.

GPS Locator Device

It all seems like a miracle, right? Although we would never discredit the amazing miracles that happen every day at the hands of nurses and doctors, the above situation was made possible because of a GPS locator in our revolutionary patient wandering system. This GPS locator combines cloud-based technology with an auto-awareness feature to monitor patient activity. That means, our technology recognizes the emergency and notifies medical personnel, often before anyone realizes there is a problem. With the GPS locator enabled, a patient’s location is immediately recognized so aid can be given.

GPS Locator

This device is manufactured by Numera, one of the most trusted brands of medical equipment on the market today. The GPS locator system not only monitors the location and needs of the patient, but also is equipped with fall detection software which recognizes a fall and immediately sends an alert of emergency. A button is also available for patients to be able to push if they need assistance which activates the GPS locator to bring help right to the exact location. This revolutionary device also can monitor and track health data for a patient or individual. The GPS locator can measure blood pressure, glucose, pulse oximetry and so much more. The GPS locator device monitors health data and uploads pertinent information to a cloud-based source which can be easily accessed. Even pair the device with your smartphone for more tracking and access.

GPS Locator Wander Management

BEC Integrated Solutions has been the industry leader for over 20 years. Our GPS locator devices have been used in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and many senior care facilities. This revolutionary device is even available for personal use and purchase. Give your patients the confidence in knowing that someone, or in this case something, is always watching. Let them experience peace of mind in knowing the GPS locator device will monitor their health data and send necessary personnel should an emergency arise. Contact us today for a customized quote and let us show you the numerous benefits of a GPS locator device.

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