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Worry Less for Your Elderly Loved Ones with Numera Libris GPS

Have you often found yourself worrying about your elderly parents on a daily basis? Maybe your mom or your dad now lives alone and you just can’t let a day go by without calling them to check in? Your mom wants to keep her independence and your dad just can’t imagine being checked in to the nearest nursing home or assisted living facility. If any of these areas sound similar to what you are experiencing at this time of life, maybe it’s time to consider purchasing a Numera Libris GPS Cell Network Locating Device. Using this device could leave your parent(s) feeling completely independent but still safe. It could also help you settle your nerves and let a day or two go by without checking in on your beloved family members.

The Numera Libris GPS Cell Network Locating Device is not simply your everyday fall detection gadget. This device will also track the personal health data of the person using it, as well as his/her daily activities and constant location. The device is meant to help you keep a close eye on your loved one(s) without being invasive and taking control of their everyday lives. We know you mean well, but your dad and/or mom may not be ready to hand over his/her dependency just yet. Let us help you both with the Numera Libris GPS Cell Network Locating Device.

AT&T Network Wander Management GPS Device

The Numera Libris GPS Locating Device runs on America’s trusted AT&T Cellular Network. There is a hardly a place that your loved ones could go that would leave them without GPS coverage. Be sure to check the coverage for any and all regular locations that your loved ones will frequent. We want you to stay connected with them for their safety and for your sanity.

Keep close track of your loved ones’ health and wellness statistics with the Numera Libris GPS Cell Network Locating Device, including numbers such as glucose levels, oximeter, or even blood pressure levels. False alarms for fall detection are rare since the Numera Libris GPS device uses the most advanced fall detection technology on the market today. Wander management is included for those experiencing Alzheimer’s of dementia symptoms. Rest well knowing that your loved ones are always safe when using the Numera Libris GPS device.

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