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A Wireless Nurse Call System for Assisted Living Facility

Modern assisted living facilities employ wireless nurse call to provide an efficient and comfortable home for the elderly. Staff works best when communication lines are continuously open, and patients are most comfortable and safe when the right tools are available to them. Wireless Nurse Call integrates every necessary tool needed to provide the best possible assisted living facility to the sick and elderly.

Wander Management with Wireless Nurse Call

Oftentimes, assisted living facilities house patients who are prone to wander from their designated location. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in particular are those that require the proper wander management tools to keep them safely contained. A wireless nurse call system integrates the devices needed to locate patients at all times and send alerts to staff when a patient leaves his or her safe area. When family comes to your facility to look for a home for their loved ones, does it boast safety and comfort with wireless nurse call? If not, maybe it’s time to consider a nurse call system upgrade.

Fall Prevention with Wireless Nurse Call

Many patients are prone to fall due to weakness, injuries and even old age. Integrating a fall prevention system with wireless nurse call could save many assisted living patients a lot of pain and suffering by predicting and preventing terrible falls. By placing weight sensing pads on beds and chairs, staff can be instantly alerted when a patient is attempting to get up unassisted. Quiet alarms are sent to the nurse master station and connected pagers and corridor lights to ensure staff can quickly assist patients and prevent nasty falls.

Wireless Nurse Call for Patient Independence

Wireless nurse call allows the elderly to reside in an assisted living facility without losing all sense of independence. In the past, staff would need to stay very close by and predict potential falls and even hover over patients. Today, wireless nurse call allows patients to call for help with the push of a button, or alert staff to potential falls and even track patient location throughout the facility. Assisted living can be the best choice for elderly patients when wireless nurse call is employed.

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